Adult Classes


At Lincoln Park, we believe that Christian education is a lifelong process that is essential for spiritual development and for preparing us to live lives pleasing to God. Through our Adult Bible Classes, we attempt to present Scripture and the stories of our faith in a variety of ways so that our love for and commitment to God is strengthened so that we are able to serve Him and the community around us more effectively.

Our classes are designed to be supplements to our personal Bible study. Each quarter we try to offer a variety of classes to increase Bible knowledge, promote individual spiritual growth, equip and enable us to be evangelistic and mission minded.

If we intend to have a healthy relationship with God, then we need to know who He is, what He’s like and what He wants for and from us. Our prayer is that God will bless us all as we study His Word together and continue to be more Christ like.

If you are interested in teaching an adult Bible class, CONTACT:  Patrick Danz  or Nick Middleton

To see a list of the classes that are currently running, please click here.