Million Dollar Sunday

Published September 27, 2014 by LPCOC in Events

For more than 50 years, Eastern European Missions has been working to bring the Word of God to former communist nations.  Although this is a time of unrest in the region, Ukraine is more receptive than ever before and continues to say “Yes” to God, even during these difficult times of war. Many Ukrainian officials, librarians and teachers believe giving the Bible to their children will change the future of their country. That is why they continue to ask EEM to put Bibles and biblical literature in their public schools.  The goal this year is to provide 2,071 public schools and 27 public universities with Bible to study in their classrooms.

We have been presented with an awesome opportunity to be part of this great work. Just $5 provides a Bible to a Ukrainian student.  On October 19th,  all contributions above our budget will be sent to Eastern European Missions to put Bibles in public schools in the Ukraine. Please give generously!


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