At Lincoln Park, we are passionate about connecting people with Jesus and helping them to grow in their faith.   We do this not only through our worship services and Bible studies, but also through service to others, in local and foreign missions.    We believe there is no better way to spend our lives and grow closer to our Heavenly Father  than to use our God given skills and talents to share the Good News about Jesus.

There are a variety of different ministries to be involved in at Lincoln Park. Some take place at the building during regular meeting times, others happen off-site, but are of no less importance.

Our goal is to impact as many people as possible with the gospel of Christ. He is the focal point of the Christian faith and the centerpiece of all our ministries. 

No matter which phase of life you are in, regardless of age or gender, we are here to fulfill the Great Commission…to make disciples, to baptize, to teach and to serve.
 It is our sincere prayer that you will indeed find your rightful place here at Lincoln Park, and do as the apostle Paul instructed the saints at Philippi to do, and that is “…work out your own soul salvation with fear and trembling.” (Phil 2:12)