Senior Ministry

We love our senior adults!  We value and rely on their experience, their wisdom, their skills, and their loyal involvement.  They mentor the younger members and lead by example.  Many have blazed a trail of faith and dedicated service that enables the current outreach and ministries to continue.  At Lincoln Park, we don’t “retire” our seniors, we follow their lead!  Our seniors are very involved in the ministries of the congregation. But we also minister to the unique needs of our senior adults through Bible studies, ministry opportunities, and special activities geared especially for seniors.

The purpose this ministry is to involve our “senior” members in the work of Lincoln Park congregation and provide opportunities for them to use their skills and experience to serve the Lord.

Another way that we encourage our senior members is through fellowships and activities.  These opportunities are a wonderful way for our members to get better acquainted and also to give them some events to look forward to.  Some example events include:

▪               Pot luck meals at the building

▪               Cook outs

▪               Luncheon trips to area restaurants

▪               Day trips to interesting sights or events

Volunteers in this ministry would be responsible for communicating with our seniors and making them aware of existing opportunities to be involved and for planning ‘senior’ specific activities throughout the year.

CONTACT: Bob Mullins