Reasons to Try Again

Published October 15, 2017 by LPCOC in Bulletin

Failures and setbacks are a part of life. I watched a football game last night that featured a quarterback throwing interception after interception. These mistakes were one of the main reasons he lost that game. However, I suspect he will be back on the field the next game trying again. Why will he go back? Perhaps because this quarterback is being paid a lot of money to do so. Perhaps it’s because of the love he has for the game. If you see him again it is because he had enough reason to try again – even after a failure.

How strong are your reasons for sharing the gospel of Christ? I ask because sometimes sharing the gospel doesn’t go well. Sometimes your request for a Bible study gets turned down. Sometimes you get shot down well before you ask. The door gets shut at the first mention of anything spiritual. Sometimes you even get insulted when you try to share your faith or convictions. So my question is, does the strength of your reasons to share outweigh the worldly pressure to not share? The answer is simple. Do you share your faith? Then your reasons outweigh the pressure. Do you not share your faith? Then the opposite is true.

If you need some good reasons to tip the scale let me suggest a few from 1 Thessalonians chapter two. You should share because you have been “entrusted with the gospel” (v4). God gave you the message of salvation and He expects you to use it. Tell the gospel because “we are not trying to please men but God” (v4). And because we should “not be looking for praise from men” (v6). Paul and his companions said it was their delight to share the gospel because “we loved you so much” (v8). If you love someone you will tell them about Jesus. We should share because God is using the gospel to call people “into his kingdom and glory” (v12). There will be people in heaven because someone told them the gospel. Is that enough reasons? There’s actually many more. So go tell people the gospel. If you get shot down get back up and try again. You have PLENTY of good reasons to do so.

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